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XN is an "Advanced Bodybuilding Agent" if to believe its producer. Its label promises to help you to lose fat rapidly, to boost your energy and maximize libido and strength. The supplement's packaging and website display a lot of guys, bulging with muscles and lifting heavy weights.

The manufacturer also mentions that XN has been seen in Men's Fitness, Men's Health, and Muscle and Fitness. However, the advertising departments of these publications claimed they never heard of it, look more

Now let's look investigate how it works and what is inside the bottle of XN.

The ingredients of this product are:

Green Tea Extract is an antioxidant which helps you keep focused for longer and more intense workouts. Does it have any side effects? Unfortunately, yes and they are really serious because the National Institute of Health says that green tea extract supplements have been linked to several cases of liver damage. The Dietary Supplement Information Expert Committee claimed that green tea supplements can be safe only if they are used and formulated appropriately. Before using it you should consult a doctor to make sure you don't have any liver disorders.

L-Arginine is possibly safe for most people if taken appropriately and for the short period of time. It can cause such side effects as abdominal pain, diarrhea, allergies, low blood pressure, bloating and gout. You shouldn't use it if you have asthma because this ingredient can worsen your condition.

Chromium claims to help you in losing fat with the help of the body's metabolism of sugar. But it can be safe in very small amounts. Taking much chromium from supplements can result in damage of liver, kidneys and nerves. It might lower blood sugar level. If you have diabetes then you should use it cautiously. It can cause allergy symptoms as well.

Yohimbine HCL is meant to increase nitric oxide levels in your blood and considered to be a fat burning compound. The problem with this ingredient is that many supplements containing yohimbine either don't list its dose or its dose is inaccurate by up to 150%. How harmful can it be? It can cause extreme anxiety, may trigger manic psychosis or even suicidal episodes in people with some disorders. It can interact with many neurological medications and shouldn't be used without your doctor's consultation.

Yohimbine can be quite effective as a libido booster, but it can cause all dangerous side effects that have already been mentioned above, and is not safe for those with diabetes, blood pressure, or heart problems.

Food supplement XN can be considered effective in some way if you are interested in boosting your libido at any cost. Youhimbine - a well-known aphrodisiac might work as it claims but the result isn't worth trying if you care about your health and don't want to experience its dangerous side effects. It was proved that this ingredient is really not safe in a combination with a lot of medication and often has the wrong doses mentioned on the label. If you want to risk your health then read these reviews before taking the final decision:

"I didn't see almost any visible size changes after using XN. It didn't worth that money that I spent on this supplement. If you have been tempted by the pictures of strong handsome men then don't believe that it was XN which helped them to succeed"

"XN made me full of energy and sexual wish only for the first week. After this short period of time this effect disappeared suddenly"

"If I had noticed the youhimbine ingredient than I could avoid bad side effects ranging from dry mouth, nausea and headache which prevented me from my workouts and these symptoms made me feel not ready to enjoy sexual benefits"

One of the disadvantages of the product is its limited availability. It can be bought only online.

It can be ordered at their website with the enrollment of monthly shipping program where your credit card will be charged $74.95 per month.

You'd better think twice before using such food supplements. XN packs nothing essential into their supplement, and their sales tactics are deceiving according to the reviews of those who had already tried it and failed to achieve the goal.

XN cares more about getting you trapped into a monthly billing cycle than they do about your well-being and health. It can work as an energy or libido booster but the effect disappears as fast as it appeared. The product XN doesn't have a long-lasting effect according to the reviews of people who had already had the chance of trying it. Besides this you have the risk of getting bad side effects mainly from youhimbine.

I can't recommend XN as a safe and efficient supplement that is worth buying.

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