Testosterone Boosting Supplement

PTX is a testosterone boosting supplement which is claimed to be natural. The manufacturer promises that this product is able to improve testosterone production in the male body - in both, testicles and adrenal glands, even though the latter produce less testosterone than testicles. PTX also helps to achieve better muscle mass, according to its official website. However, the manufacturer says that in order to reach this goal, you will need to train longer and harder. The supplement also helps to avoid injuries of muscles and bones, which is important for sportsmen. Besides, PTX claims to boost sexual health which is tightly connected with the levels of testosterone in the man's body. It enhances libido and sexual abilities. The product is listed under the company with the same name but the official website only lists company's return address. There is no information regarding where the product is manufactured, but obviously in the USA. There are reports that other muscle enhancing products have the same address.

The only PTX ingredient that the manufacturer managed to disclose is Tribulus Terrestris. This component is said to increase testosterone levels in the male body, so it is directly connected with the increased muscle mass, stamina, power, and performance both sexual and physical. According to the PTX manufacturer, Tribulus Terrestris has been researched in two studies, however neither of them demonstrates real positive benefits advertised on the supplement's website. No other active ingredients are mentioned by the company, so I can assume that the product may carry certain potential dangers which can be associated with over-dosing and possible adverse reactions.

From third-party sources I have found information about other ingredients of PTX. Niacin is also known as vitamin B3 which is vital for good health in general including of the heart. Gelatin is used in the supplement as pill coating to make it easy to swallow. Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is most probably added to increase levels of nitric oxide which can improve the blood circulation in the body. Zinc Gluconate is a natural mineral that takes part in building muscles and is important for tissue health. However, its action is very unnoticeable if it is used in amounts found in food. We don't know the dosage of this component in the product. Avena Sativa Extract is claimed to be a detoxifying agent, to be able to increase testosterone production, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) participates in the metabolism of fat cells, but it is not proven that it can help burn more fat. Anti-caking Agents help the human body to absorb the vitamins and minerals.

As you can see, only some of the higher mentioned ingredients can be helpful for the goal of building good muscle mass and enhancing sexual life. There are minerals that are really important for general functioning of the human body but they cannot offer visible results in terms of adding more muscles to your body. PTX manufacturer also advertises that their product contains no fillers or artificial ingredients but no one knows for sure if this claim is true. Now let's try to find out whether the supplement has any harmful side effects.

The manufacturer doesn't mention the possibility of experiencing any adverse or allergic reactions associated with the use of PTX but we will check this fact out. This supplement has not been approved by the FDA and has no certificates confirming the highest quality of the product. This dietary supplement is relatively new on the market, thus it needs research and more studies. The official product's website says that some American celebrities are using this product but it is nothing more than just an advertising maneuver. It is also said that PTX is hugely popular in weight lifting, weight training, and athletic communities. PTX has not proven itself to be an effective product with customers. Let us have a look at testimonials of real users of this supplement.

"PTX has not helped me at all. Before I ordered it, I hoped so much that it would help me to build a perfect muscle mass. I was struggling so much through my workouts but after taking PTX for a month, I have neither muscles, nor money"

"PTX is not as effective as advertised. I have been taking it for three weeks and training hard in the gym but the only achievement of mine is weight loss. I have not noticed a change in my stamina yet but I hope to feel more energy in future"

"I haven't seen a big improvement in my muscle mass and tone with PTX, but I have noticed unpleasant side effects. Every time I took a pill, I suffered from stomach discomfort for a few hours. I had to stop taking this supplement"

PTX can be bought through a free Trial offer on the official product's website. You have to pay for shipping and handling but the next month your card is going. Your product will be delivered to your doorstep to be charged for each bottle of the supplement which is not cheap, by the way. It is difficult to learn the real cost of the supplement but it is about $140. The product is currently unavailable on Amazon, GNC, Walmart and other retailer stores of the kind.

I cannot recommend PTX to usage because there are too many concerns in regards to this dietary supplement. There is little information about its ingredients on the official website, nor are there any documented scientific facts that the product is safe and effective. Nothing is mentioned about possible adverse reactions of the product. The users' reviews on the official website are mostly advertisements, so they cannot be trusted. Their free trial offer is difficult to cancel, thus you will have to pay money each month until you succeed. Dosage directions are very unclear and you risk overdosing this item. There is little scientific data to back up the product. PTX is not available in stores.

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